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Class: publishContent

Source Location: /zp-extensions/publishContent.php

Class publishContent

Class Overview

You will be presented a list un-published albums and a list of not visible images. You can select albums and images from these lists to be published. ( So you can freely upload albums and images then on a periodic basis review which ones to make available to visitors of your gallery.

Only images that are older than specific date and time will be shown. (You can select that benchmark making it easy to allow new images to age before you decide to publish them.) There is no record of when albums were first encountered, so all un-published albums are show.

If you have the Zenpage content management plugin enabled you will also have lists of unpublished categories, news articles, and pages.

NOTE: The fieldsets for each of these displays is collapsed by default. Click on the <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/images/arrow_down.png" /> icon to open the view. When the view is open, <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/images/arrow_up.png" /> will close it.

You can also change the default setting of the albums published and the images visible fields. (These are the same options provided in the Gallery behavior section of the gallery options tab.)

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Method Summary
static void   button()  

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static method button  [line 35]

  static void button( $buttons  )


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