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Class: jplayer_options

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Class jplayer_options

Class Overview

Support for the jPlayer jQuery/Flash 2.0.0 multimedia player (jplayer.org). It will play natively via HTML5 in capable browser if the appropiate multimedia formats are provided. This is not an adaption of the existing 3rd party plugin zenjPlayer but a full featured plugin.

Audio: .mp3, .m4a, .fla

  • Counterpart formats .oga and .webma supported (see note below!)
Video: .m4v/.mp4, .flv
  • Counterpart formats .ogv and .webmv supported (see note below!)

The counterpart formats are not valid formats for Zenphoto itself as that would confuse the management. Therefore these formats can be uploaded via ftp only. The files needed to have the same file name (beware the character case!). In single player usage the player will check via file system if a counterpart file exists. NOTE: Counterpart format does not work correctly on playlists yet. Detailed reason: Priority solution setting must be "flash" as otherwise flv and fla will not work on some browsers like Safari. This in return disables counterpart support for ogg and webm files for some reason on Firefox). Since the flash fallback covers all essential formats this is not much of an issue for visitors though.

Otherwise it will not work. It is all or none. See the developer guide for info on that.

If you have problems with any format being recognized, you might need to tell your server about the mime types first: See examples on the jplayer site.

Note on POPCORN Support (http://popcornjs.org) jPlayer has support for this interactive libary and its plugin is included but currently not loaded or implemented. You need to customize the plugin or your theme to use it. Please refer to http://jplayer.org/latest/developer-guide/ and http://popcornjs.org to learn about this extra functionality.

The look of the player is determined by a pure HTML/CSS based skin (theme). There may occur display issues with themes. Only the Zenphoto's own default skins zenphotolight and zenphotodark have been tested with the standard themes (and not even with all it works perfectly). Those two themes are also have a responsive width. So you might need to adjust the skin yourself to work with your theme. It is recommended that you place your custom skins within the root /plugins folder like:

plugins/jplayer/skin/skin name1
plugins/jplayer/skin/skin name2 ...

You can select the skin then via the plugin options. NOTE: A skin may have only one CSS file.

You can use printjPlayerPlaylist() on your theme's album.php directly to display a video/audio playlist (default) or an audio only playlist. Alternativly you can show a playlist of a specific album anywhere. In any case you need to modify your theme. See the documentation for the parameter options.

Alternativly you can show a playlist of a specific album anywhere. In any case you need to modify your theme. See the documentation for the parameter options.

jPlayer attaches to the content_macro MEDIAPLAYER you can use within normal text of Zenpage pages or articles for example.

Usage: [MEDIAPLAYER <albumname> <imagefilename> <number>]

Example: [MEDIAPLAYER album1 video.mp4]

If you are using more than one player on a page you need to pass a 2nd parameter with for example an unique number:
[MEDIAPLAYER album1 video1.mp4 1]
[MEDIAPLAYER album2 video2.mp4 2]

NOTE: This player does not support external albums!

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  • Malte Müller (acrylian)
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Property Summary
mixed   $name  

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Method Summary
jplayer_options   jplayer_options()  
void   getOptionsSupported()  

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mixed   $name = 'jPlayer' [line 101]
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Access:  public

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Constructor jplayer_options  [line 103]

  jplayer_options jplayer_options( )

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getOptionsSupported  [line 124]

  void getOptionsSupported( )

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