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Class: image_effects

Source Location: /zp-extensions/image_effects.php

Class image_effects

Class Overview

This plugin is an example demonstrating the use of the various image_html filters.

Each effect is defined by a text file these sections (no individual section is required).

Documents the source of the effect

Each effect will have a head section that contains the HTML to be emitted in the theme head.

Elements from this section will be added to the class element of the <img src... /> tag.

It is also possible to create a extra section for html that will be inserted into the <img src... /> just befor the />. This can be used to insert style="..." or other elements.

<validate><i>file path</i></validate>
Used specially for Effenberger effects, but applicable to similar situations. Causes the named file to have its presence tested. If it is not present, the "effect" is not made available. Multiple files are separated by semicolons. Each is tested.

The following tokens are available to represent paths:

  • %WEBPATH%</v> to represent the WEB path to the Zenphoto installation.</li> <li><var>%SERVERPATH% to represent the server path to the Zenphoto installation.
  • %PLUGIN_FOLDER% to represent the Zenphoto "extensions" folder.
  • %USER_PLUGIN_FOLDER% to represent the root "plugin" folder.
  • %ZENFOLDER% to represent the zp-core folder.

Pixastic effects:
Included standard are several effects from Pixastic. Please visit their site for detailed documentation.

Effenberger effects::
Some effects which can be used are the javascript effects created by Christian Effenberger which may be downloaded from his site:

Note: No effenberger effects are distributed with this plugin to conform with CVI licensing constraints. To add an effect to the plugin, download the zip file from the site. Extract the effect files and place in the image_effects folder (in the global plugins folder.)

For instance, to add the Reflex effect, download reflex.zip, unzip it, and place reflex.js in the folder. Check the image_effects foder in the zenphoto extensions to see if there is already header file. If not create one in the plugins/image_effects folder. Use as a model one of the other Effenberger effects header files.

Included are some typical Effenberger files as examples. Simply provide the appropriate js script as above to activate them.

Located in /zp-extensions/image_effects.php [line 74]

  • Stephen Billard (sbillard)
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Property Summary
mixed   $effects  

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Method Summary
static void   custom_album_thumbs()  
static void   custom_images()  
static void   effectsJS()  
static void   std_album_thumbs()  
static void   std_images()  
static void   std_image_thumbs()  
image_effects   __construct()  
array   getOptionsSupported()   Reports the supported options
void   handleOption()   handles any custom options

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mixed   $effects = NULL [line 76]

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static method custom_album_thumbs  [line 354]

  static void custom_album_thumbs( $html  )


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static method custom_images  [line 327]

  static void custom_images( $html, $thumbstandin  )


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static method effectsJS  [line 182]

  static void effectsJS( )

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static method std_album_thumbs  [line 340]

  static void std_album_thumbs( $html  )


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static method std_images  [line 320]

  static void std_images( $html  )


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static method std_image_thumbs  [line 347]

  static void std_image_thumbs( $html  )


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Constructor __construct  [line 78]

  image_effects __construct( )

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getOptionsSupported  [line 90]

  array getOptionsSupported( )

Reports the supported options

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handleOption  [line 168]

  void handleOption( string $option, mixed $currentValue  )

handles any custom options

string   $option: 
mixed   $currentValue: 

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