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Class: galleryArticles

Source Location: /zp-extensions/galleryArticles.php

Class galleryArticles

Class Overview

Standard options interface

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Method Summary
static void   published()   filter for the setShow() methods
static string   scan()   filter which checks if there are any matured items to be sent
galleryArticles   __construct()  
void   getOptionsSupported()   supported options
void   handleOption()   place holder
void   handleOptionSave()  

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static method published  [line 125]

  static void published( object $obj  )

filter for the setShow() methods

object   $obj: 

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static method scan  [line 227]

  static string scan( string $script, [bool $valid = true]  )

filter which checks if there are any matured items to be sent

string   $script: 
bool   $valid:  will be false if the object is not found (e.g. there will be a 404 error);

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Constructor __construct  [line 32]

  galleryArticles __construct( )

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getOptionsSupported  [line 53]

  void getOptionsSupported( )

supported options

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handleOption  [line 108]

  void handleOption( string $option, mixed $currentValue  )

place holder

string   $option: 
mixed   $currentValue: 

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handleOptionSave  [line 112]

  void handleOptionSave( $themename, $themealbum  )


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