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Class: colorbox

Source Location: /zp-extensions/colorbox_js.php

Class colorbox

Class Overview

Loads Colorbox JS and CSS scripts for selected theme page scripts.

Note that this plugin does not attach Colorbox to any element because there are so many different options and usages. You need to do this in your theme yourself. Visit the colorbox site for information.

The plugin has built in support for 5 example Colorbox themes shown below:

<img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/%PLUGIN_FOLDER%/colorbox_js/themes/example1.jpg" /> <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/%PLUGIN_FOLDER%/colorbox_js/themes/example2.jpg" /> <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/%PLUGIN_FOLDER%/colorbox_js/themes/example3.jpg" /> <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/%PLUGIN_FOLDER%/colorbox_js/themes/example4.jpg" /> <img src="%WEBPATH%/%ZENFOLDER%/%PLUGIN_FOLDER%/colorbox_js/themes/example5.jpg" />

If you select custom (within theme) on the plugin option for Colorbox you need to place a folder colorbox containing a colorbox.css file and a folder images within the current theme to override to use a custom Colorbox theme.

Located in /zp-extensions/colorbox_js.php [line 40]

  • Stephen Billard (sbillard)
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Method Summary
static void   css()  
colorbox   __construct()  
void   getOptionsSupported()  
void   handleOption()  

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static method css  [line 80]

  static void css( )

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Constructor __construct  [line 42]

  colorbox __construct( )

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getOptionsSupported  [line 47]

  void getOptionsSupported( )

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handleOption  [line 76]

  void handleOption( $option, $currentValue  )


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