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Class: externalFeed_options

Source Location: /zp-extensions/externalFeed.php

Class externalFeed_options

Class Overview

This plugin handles External feeds:

url: site/index.php?external=type&accesskey=key+feed selections

The accesskey is obtained from the plugin options. Each request changes the key for the next. That next key is provided in the feed. If the wrong key is provided the result is a page not found (404)

Feed types:

Supports all RSS feed options plus individual Image, News, and Page requests:

  • ?external=gallery
    • &album=album for an album
    • &album[]=album&album[]=>i>album</i>... for a list of albums
    • &album=album&image=image for an image
    • &album=album&image[]=image&image[]=image... for a list of images add &size=size to the image request to select a particular image size. (This cannot be larger than the plugin's image size option.)
  • ?external=news
    • &titlelink=article for an article
    • &titlelink[]=article&titlelink[]=article... for a list of articles
  • ?external=news
    • &titlelink=page for a page
    • &titlelink[]=page&titlelink[]=page... for a list of pages

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  • Stephen Billard (sbillard)
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Method Summary
externalFeed_options   __construct()  
void   getOptionsSupported()  
void   handleOption()  
void   handleOptionSave()  

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Constructor __construct  [line 55]

  externalFeed_options __construct( )

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getOptionsSupported  [line 66]

  void getOptionsSupported( )

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handleOption  [line 118]

  void handleOption( $option, $currentValue  )


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handleOptionSave  [line 138]

  void handleOptionSave( $themename, $themealbum  )


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